Yes, we live in a youth and beauty-obsessed culture.  Look in a magazine, turn on the TV, or drive past a billboard, you will see just how obsessed we have become with beauty and our appearance.  Everyday we all age.  That is a natural part of life.  Our physical appearance changes and thus we sometimes become dissatisfied with our appearance. This dissatisfaction can be a healthy state; as long as we do not connect it with our self worth or self esteem.

The image of yourself should not keep you from feeling beautiful.  Beauty is only skin deep.  True beauty lies within.

It’s alarming that eight out of ten women are dissatisfied with their appearance. This is not just a female issue.  Surveys reveal that men are also showing high levels of anxiety about their bodies resorting to compulsive exercise, laxatives, strict diets, and are making themselves sick in an attempt to lose weight or get toned.

True beauty is defined by who we are rather than how we look?  But, understand that looks are important, and we should all strive to look our best and be our best.  True beauty comes from living fully, being who we are, and experiencing the beauty all around us.  As we begin to treat our body more lovingly, we feel better mentally and physically, and recognize our true inner and outer beauty.

Embrace your eyes, your hands, the curve of your neck. As we grow older, we should do what we can to help preserve, restore and rejuvenate our eyes and skin.

You can begin using some enhancing products that will enable you to continue feeling and looking good.